Friday, April 9, 2010

Darryl Carter responds by protecting neglected building

Note newly boarded up windows in rear
The editor recently received the following response from Darryl Carter's office. (see Dec 9th 2009 article)
"I am sending a heart felt thanks for your letter of March 9th to Darryl Carter… I wanted to reach out your way personally since Darryl’s business travel is so intense (he’s away from DC more often than not)… in hopes of catching up with you before too much of a passage in time…  
In Darryl’s absence I will see that the building(s) are properly secured from direct elements. I sincerely appreciate your intervention and the heads-up with regard to the Historic Preservation Office. I do send assurances to you and the community, that it is not our intention to “neglect” the building(s). Quite the opposite – in our field, we routinely work with historic buildings – as a matter of course. If invited, I would very much enjoy attending upcoming Blagden Alley Naylor Court Association meeting(s) – and meeting you as well as some of our new neighbors… On this note - If you have any information to share about an upcoming meeting it would be much appreciated. Until we actually meet, you have my –

Very kind regards - 
Charles Grazioli Chief Operating Officer"