Wednesday, August 13, 2008

ABC News 7 picks up the story about the demolished civil war stable

"D.C. Historic Stable Demolished" by Stephen Tschida ABC 7 News August 13th 2008

"Preservationists are accusing D.C. of neglecting its heritage. They say the city is green, lighting demolition of irreplaceable buildings. Built over 150 years ago, horse stables still line Naylor Court. Some are upscale homes now but one recently came tumbling down, with the city's blessing. The people who live in this corner of Shaw, with so much history, were stunned to hear the wrecking ball and saddened to see one of the old stables turned to rubble. A spokesperson for the historic preservation review board says the city approved the demolition of the old stable because it had deteriorated dramatically. Some residents are troubled since many of the city's historic buildings are in bad shape. This is not an isolated incident. Behind the old Howard Theatre, cars park on what was a historic building. The city occasionally will approve tearing down a historic building if the developer reconstructs it, but some believe the goal often is simply to clear the way for the sale of the property. In the corner cluttered with history, some residents just hope the days of demolition will slow now that the economy is in the can."

The original story and the video from ABC 7 are linked below.


Anonymous said...

Was this a HPO staff action or the result of a vote on the HPRB? If HPRB, can you post what month or meeting it occurred?

stable preservationist said...

The decision was through HPRB. Below is a posting from a local blog.

Thursday, January 31, 2008
1316 9th Overhaul Imminent

"I have very little information on the overhaul coming to 1316 9th Street (the building to the immediate left of be bar and that was sold late last year), but have heard sporadic reports on an imminent renovation and expansion. Most recently, on January 24, 2008, the Historic Preservation Review Board approved a proposal for a two-story addition. The Board directed the applicant to work with staff on assessing the feasibility of retaining (rather than demolishing and reconstructing) the two-story carriage house behind the main building."