Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Hidden Alleys and Stables in NYC

New York has many forgotten alleys wherein there are nests of stables such as "Sniffen Court" (which is on the National Register of Historic Places, just like Naylor Court). You can save the bus or train fare and take a virtual trip to visit the alleys through the links below. The stables were built during the civil war - just like the recently destroyed stable in Naylor Court. "Sniffen Court" is a gated community where the stables have been tastefully preserved and adaptively reused in intelligent ways. This collection of stables is an inspiration for the development and protection of Naylor Court and Blagden Alleys. If one does not have a vision of the future, it is nearly impossible to recognize when that future is being threatened by destruction in the present! The era of the alley abolition mentality needs to fade from our memories for the reasons for which this legislation was crafted in Washington D.C. no longer exist. Now is the time to work hard to preserve what is left after years of demolition and recognize the precious nature of these little buildings.


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