Wednesday, November 4, 2009

EFN Bar Responsive to Cleanup Efforts Behind Stable

The owners of the EFN Lounge and Motley Bar have responded promptly to community questions about trash management in the alley behind the stable.

Due to the increase in traffic to the 1318 business there has been an extreme amount of waste generated.  After carefully assessing this issue and how to keep our staff and neighbors safe and in a clean environment, we have increased our waste removal to 3 days a week including Saturday.  In an attempt to maintain cleanliness, I have instructed all staff to store waste inside the building until it can be disposed of properly.  I read the blog and saw the images; I agree that it is unacceptable.

I do my best to respond positively to any concerns regarding 1318. I am open to discussion as to how waste can be disposed of in a way that eliminates a dumpster as the venue does not have an area that is away from customers on premise. Storing waste in the building near customers would be in violation of health codes.  My solution was to keep the waste in the building after the business day and I would personally load it into the dumpster for removal the following morning. This way waste is not every visible to customers or neighbors.

I do apologize for this hurdle in making our community more visible for positive growth. 

The EFN Lounge & Motley Bar
1318 9Th Street NW


Anonymous said...

To the owner:
There's a way to keep the waste and recycling material inside the building without violating the governing health codes nor other ordinances.
The area designted to store the refuse shall not have direct access from the customer area. Maybe it should have only access from the outside of the building, that way your circulation and use of the space inside will not suffer much. At the same time the refuse will not be outside in the alley.
The waste management company can have a key to that area, so they can open its doors and haul everything away -without ever having access to your premises. Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

I understand your point. I will personally walk you through the building, there is no such area in the building. The back door enters the customer area of the lounge. I am more than willing to conduct a tour of our building so that we can work together to remedy the problem. I ran a very busy venue in Georgetown for years where we had a designated waste "room". I understand the space requirements that are necessary to accommodate this method of waste storage and removal. 1318 simply is not a large enough venue for such to occur as it is currently designed. If the community would like to assist with a redesign and reconstruction of the venue, I am more than willing to work together to figure out a way to create such an accommodation.

IMGoph said...

great to see that the owner is responsive, and is doing the right thing! bravo!