Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Un-stable Alleys – 2 B or not 2 B

Graffiti on 9th Street at O Street DC NW

Social messaging graffiti is creeping back onto the streets and into the alleys in Shaw, reminiscent of the days of the 9th Street anarchists a few years ago.  That few seem concerned is probably because few understand the implications of graffiti as an assault on private and public property. It is also an assault on minds. BYPO (a social messaging graffiti artist with a self confessed bipolar psychiatric disorder) has been expressing himself liberally in the neighborhood through his cryptic messages that when traced, lead to his blog http://byporevolution.blogspot.com/

“In the beginning was the word
The sentence came next but that took kinda long
the process a mess
Can’t wait around for messiahs reborn
Arm yourself baby its MINDFUCK time

from evolution to revolution
NUCOMINTERN baby: a karmic solution”

Insights into his inner passions become clearer after reading this interview posted on “brightest young things” web site: http://www.brightestyoungthings.com/articles/wall-scout-bypo-interview.htm

Public graffiti social messaging, to make a statement of conscience is one thing. To use this form of expression to instigate negativism, social unrest and hatred of any group is quite another. It is in fact illegal.

Perhaps there are some young lurking “peaceniks” in the D.C. alleys waiting to counterbalance the cyclothymic B+ or B - with their own social messaging expression of caring, inclusion and positivity that is devoid of unbalanced urban cultural code words of anger. ("Housing is a right. Gentrification is a virus.")

On the other hand, defacing others’ property is unacceptable, regardless of where you stand on any polarizing issue! This form of civil disobedience often actually accomplishes precisely the opposite of the intended goal of its creators. Today, there are many much more effective vehicles through which to exercise our freedom of speech in ways that can help us all move forward rather than oscillating in ever diminishing B+ve or B-ve circles. How boring! We all face that negative and demeaning dialectic on the news every night. People, let’s get a little more creative and a little kinder. 
B+ve or B-ve Naylor Ct
Defend the District O & 9th
9th St. & O St. NW

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IMGoph said...

what a bunch of narcissistic goofballs.

grow up.