Friday, January 27, 2012

Darryl Carter’s stable is being restored and preserved

The little yellow stable in the alley behind Darryl Carter’s property is being restored in concert with the primary buildings in front of it. (the original story was reported in earlier posts in 2009 here and here) Photos show the bricks in the process of being nicely repointed. This stable is typical of late 1800’s alley stables. The hayloft beam was replaced by an “I” beam at some point in the past. Very few of the original wooden beams still exist in stables because of the wear and tear of their heavy use and their exposure to the elements since the original wood was untreated.


While the precise future use of this stable is uncertain at this point, the beauty of these structures is their utilitarian nature and enormous flexibility for adaptive reuse. It’s wonderful to see the spirit of the 1990 National Registry of Historic Places recognition being honored in this alley in this way.

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1314 said...

I was today admiring this work; three cheers for Darryl Carter and this conglomeration of buildings. Also saw two men painting white over the phone number on the Lease sign on the vacant lot next door lot. I asked one of the men what was up and he was unfortunately unable to tell me anything about the plans for the lot, if there are any.