Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Clemency appeal to save a threatened historic alley building

I have launched a petition "Historic Preservation Review Board: Vote to preserve 1322 9th Street as a contributing historic structure." and am asking for your help to save this building from destruction. It has not been able to protect itself.
Please take a little time to read the petition, reflect on the issue and consider your decision about signing it. It will take very little of your time.
Why the petition is important:
This building (1322 9th St. NW) is part of a collection of nationally recognized historic buildings in Naylor Court and Blagden Alley (National Register of Historic Places). The alley collection has been dismantled piecemeal over past decades through demolition by both neglect and intent. The alley’s story and historic legacy is progressively vanishing. In this case, the owner’s neglect is potentially being rewarded with permission to destroy the evidence of that neglect. It’s just not right.
You can also access my petition by clicking here.
Thank you very much! 


IMGoph said...

not wanting to hijack the subject thread here, but have you heard about the raze permit applied for for buildings on the unit block of N Street NW and Hanover Place NW. a couple of nice alley buildings appear to be threatened there.

Anonymous said...

The building on N Street under threat of being destroyed on the 100 block of N Street was once a very large stable. It served as the Brass Knob for a long time to recycle architectural and construction elements. This is going to be a "tug of war" since while there is an application for a raze permit, there is also an application from other sources for historic designation. There are only a couple of really large stables in DC that remain standing and this is one of them. The other is the DC Archives bldg. (formerly Tally Ho Livery) and also the former Proctor stable behind the Comfort Inn on 13th Street.