Friday, February 15, 2013

Demolition Dumpster Arrives in Naylor Court

Early this morning a demolition dumpster appeared unheralded, in the public space in Naylor Court NW in front of the small building at the rear of 1322 9th Street. The owner's application for a raze permit was denied last month through a recent forceful HPRB ruling. The building has been abused and neglected for the almost 30 years it has been in the hands of its owner. The building has been assigned a blighted status thereby seriously raising the property taxes. The owner was admonished by the Historic Preservation Review Board to secure and stabilize the building by ensuring that the roof was replaced and the walls were stabilized so that it did not deteriorate further. 

The men who arrived in the yellow van stated very clearly that their task was to remove the material on the inside of the building. They denied any intent to demolish the structure. DCRA does not appear to have issued a permit for demolition. (The owners had applied for one recently)

The sudden appearance of a demolition dumpster (that appears out of proportion to the work proposed by the workers) on a Friday before a long weekend is highly suspicious. It has been alleged in the neighborhood that this is a classic move for developers who are willing to scoff at the law and defy authority rulings.

If this dumpster arrival is a good faith move to obey the guidelines published by HPRB in this case, then the community will doubtless applaud the property owner's initiative. (Bernard and Vera Ehrlich Revocable Trust). If on the other hand this is not a good faith act, but one of stealth demolition, then all of the city agencies who have already been contacted today about this potential demolition will respond. 

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