Friday, December 20, 2013

Jefferson’s Stable Brilliance – sui generis

                                                                                          Original Jefferson sketch

Jefferson’s Monticello carefully selected site is beautifully nestled beneath the shadows of the surrounding Piedmont Mountains and forest.  He had a reputation “for being a fierce rider who enjoyed fox-hunting and loved to watch horse racing” so naturally he built stables. 

One stable on the property is an out building for horses and the other is tucked beneath the wings of his home in one of the below-grade dependencies.

The construction of the “inner stables” reveals a glimpse of his architectural genius where form and function blend. Anyone who has ever fed high-spirited horses in their stalls will instantly recognize the elegance of the stable design. 

There is access to the stalls through a central corridor to easily feed each of the horses without having to enter the stall to disturb the animal or risk injury to the stable hands.


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