Thursday, April 24, 2014

Proposed Alley Classification System

Category 1 (lowest)

There are no remaining historic buildings within the alley and there is no opportunity for thematic development based on historic provenance.

Category 2

1 or 2 historic buildings exist that retain elements of their historic nature. The alley in general is no longer intact and most of the buildings have been destroyed through neglect or intentional demolition.

Category 3

5 to 10 historic buildings exist and the alley is reasonably “intact” with potential for development and preservation of the historic buildings through incorporation but preservation.

Category 4

10 or more historic buildings exist and the alley is almost completely “intact” with a high potential for thematic development and preservation.

Category 5 (highest)

The alley is fully developed to its maximal potential and thriving either commercially or as a residential community. 

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