Saturday, September 17, 2011

The MOOD Out on the Street

Video Journalism Documents the “MOOD” After Closing

Warning … this video may cause dizziness if watched too closely. It is meant as documentation of the troublesome mayhem that occurs in the neighborhood as a direct result of the MOOD Lounge business. Turn up your speakers to get a fuller experience of the nocturnal neighborhood noises!

“The MOOD Lounge, after closing for the night late in the evening on Saturday, September 10th / early in the morning about 3:20 am on Sunday, September 11th. To show the noise the neighborhood puts up with. Filmed with a low-tech iPhone 3Gs.”

This property is belongs to the collection of buildings – stables, residences and artisan shops in the alley that were awarded the status of National Register Historic Property recognition in 1990. The MOOD Lounge behavior not only disrespectfully violates the restrictive covenants of this coveted national recognition, but they also continuously and lawlessly violate their own voluntary agreement with the community.

The owner of the property (1318 9th Street LLC) has filed for bankruptcy. The MOOD Lounge business is under investigation by the AG’s office.

A petition to close the business is circulating through the community. The neighborhood, city council members, the ANC and many others are really tired of the bad mood being created by MOOD Lounge! 


Anonymous said...

You should have seen it on the night of October 8th after Mood Lounge let out. A huge brawl between 25-40 youth took place in the street and screaming proceeded for at least 20 minutes with young men eager to "prove their manhood".
A single police car watched from the end of the block and did nothing as one man's face was bloodied. Next time it will be filmed and turned over to the appropriate parties. The club attracts violent, ignorant people and the business and home owners in the neighborhood are tired of the filth. DC police are no help whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

Several neighbors have complained to the police, our elected officials, and ABRA about the multiple violations of their Voluntary Agreement by the Mood Lounge. We have also complained about:

1- several instances of violence
2- uncivil behavior by the patrons of the Mood Lounge
3- suspected criminal activity in the alleys and surrounding residential streets
4- indecent exposure
5- urinating in public
6- copulating in public
7- trashing the neighborhood
8- destruction of private property
9- general endangering of the neighborhood

Still, the Mood Lounge remains open acting with total impunity, without intervention of the authorities.

I have to say that at this point the neighborhood is in danger of being taken over by elements who are openly hostile to civilized city life and that they prowl unchecked through our residential streets and commercial arteries alike. I am sure that this is not what our Councilmember Jack Evans want for this neighborhood, or what the police needs to deal with in this area. Criminal activity is spiraling out of control, and ABRA should immediately revoke the alcohol license of an establishment that is not only operating illegally in terms of licenses and nature, but that is keeping its activities consistently outside the lines defined by the law. The patrons of the Mood Lounge do not reside in this neighborhood, and they are bringing a rash of criminal activity to our streets.

I wonder if Jack Evans and Fred Moosally would ever tolerate this kind of criminal activities in their neighborhoods for a few hours every weekend without complaining directly to Cathy Lanier, the chief of police.

Anonymous said...

Mood Lounge has shown itself to be a club designed for assorted criminals, thugs and prostitutes. They have no regard for the area and show a complete lack of respect to their surroundings as they fight, vomit and drunk-drive home. Based on the amount of violence that takes place outside the club, it's only a matter of time until there is a death or shooting. Call 911 to report any crimes in progress and for non-emergencies, contact the Third Precinct Station, which has already received many complaints. Their number is 202-673-6815

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to clarify a few things: It's actually called the National Register of Historic Places, not properties ( Also, listing in the NRHP in and of itself, does not place ANY restrictions on properties ( It is a purely honorific designation. However, DC has their own preservation laws and guidelines ( that guide preservation activities for designated properties.

Anonymous said...

See above where I predicted a shooting at Mood Lounge. I was wrong... it turned out to be a stabbing!
Lucky us, no stray bullets.