Wednesday, September 7, 2011

MOOD turning the tables

3:00 a.m. vandalized tables around the corner from the 
MOOD Lounge (Azi's) after an evening of drinking and
 partying spills into the neighborhood. Police called 4 X.

(cell phone photo from a neighbor who could not sleep because of the noise!)

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Anonymous said...

Mood lounge is essentially an attempt at a "classy" club designed to appeal to various types of criminals and lowlifes. This is indicated by the level of violence and willingness of its patrons to threaten eachother's lives in the middle of a busy street.

In early October, two Mood Lounge patrons got into a verbal altercation in the middle of the street while stopped at a red light. They got out of their cars and began challenging each other to a fight while their accomplices screamed back and forth. They held up traffic while screaming profanity and threats at the top of their lungs. This went on for a few minutes until the driver of one of the vehicles, a large black SUV, attempted to run over the man standing by a burgundy mercedes in front of him. The mercedes driver was able to jump out of the way, got into his car and chased the SUV down the street. Who knows what happened when he caught up. Both men had already threatened to kill eachother. After an attempt by one of them to kill the other with his car, I assume that in this specific case, murder is a real possibility now. This is not something ANY neighborhood should have to put up with. This incident was reported to the police and is one of many that occur due to the belligerent clientele at the club.

It's only a matter of time until one of Mood Lounge's patrons loses it and kills another of the patrons (or a peaceful local resident who asks them to quiet down). Then there will be a lot of backpedalling by the owners, police tape and tears.

Residents should call 911 for ANY crime in progress and for non emergencies call the Third District Station - 202-673-6815