Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A proposal to protect historic alley buildings from developer destruction

"It occurred to me that you may establish a "preservation group"
related explicitly to stables in DC - to create a kind of plaque
that would be present on each stable around town (even the derelict
ones) signifying it's historic relevance and protection. Very much
like the plaques I saw in England on the mews there. It would be
good to establish this since there are so few left and get the HPRB
behind the idea of preserving these gems."
"In any case I hope that the media attention and the push-back
on the HPRB get these properties more protection and bring
accountability to (name deleted - editor) and his company. It
also really saddens since this person was supposedly trained as
an architect should know better than to hypocritically claim
sensitivity to the historic fabric of our cities and proceed
to tear down old buildings. But I'm sure this isn't over
and I hope something good comes out of this. Also I really
enjoyed the blog you created it's really great - and a
good way to get awareness about this issue and other
stables out there."
(submitted by a DC architect and preservationist)

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