Monday, July 28, 2008

Second 1860’s building destroyed in Naylor Court Alley - July 2008

A second building lay tucked behind the Lincoln era (1863) stable.
According to records, the house was built in the Reconstruction era (1869). New construction will replace these buildings, however it will be a replication and not a preservation. An original structure with historic provenance is priceless. A replica is something anyone can fabricate and can never ever begin to replace the original. This destruction should never have happened and is under investigation.


stable preservationist said...

It seems that only the front of this building on 9th Street will remain - the section that is not all that old compared to the rear of the building and the stable.

Richard Layman said...

you should put contact information on your blog. I mentioned your new blog in an entry. And I'll add links. You need to connect with other people in the city concerned with alley building-dwelling issues.