Sunday, July 20, 2008

Developer destroys the oldest stable in Naylor Court - a decision made by the Historic Preservation Review Board

This beautiful little 1860's stable was destroyed on July 3rd 2008 by Community Three Development LLC. It was the oldest stable in the alley and had been lived in up until a year before its demolition. The neighborhood considered it to be very solid and it was warm in the winter - something unusual for the alley dwellings. The lines of the building were "true" and it was one of 16 stables in Naylor Court. This is the last block in the city with this concentration of preserved stables. The entire alley was registered as an historic landmark in 1990 (record #7696) Photo from:

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stable preservationist said...

Investigations into the process of how this stable came to be destroyed have been launched by the community in Naylor Court. Other historic buildings are at risk and need vigilant protection to avoid the fate of this little stable.