Wednesday, July 23, 2008

An old book (that is free) about Living in the Alleys of Washington DC

This is a wonderful old book that is free through Google and can be downloaded. It is a fascinating read that gives you insights into the struggles for survival that faced those who lived in the alleys of Washington D.C. at the turn of the century. There are many photos of long forgotten places and memories. For those who are captivated by Washington's past, this is a "must read." It is a little "dry" but that reflects the writing of the time and the nature of documentary journalism at the turn of the century. The link to get a free copy of this book is at the bottom of this entry. It is a 6.3 MB file.

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Ryan Shepard said...

It's also more than a little bit patronizing and bigoted, although Weller was, for the most part, well intentioned. James Borchert's Alley Life in Washington: Family, Community, Religion, and Folklife in the City, 1850-1970 (U. of Illinois, 1982) is a helpful counterpoint.